Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Come work with us!

CalTopo is growing and looking to fill two developer positions!  These are full-time remote positions, but do require California residency for health insurance related reasons.

The following are not required but are considered pluses:

 * A CalTopo user or outdoor enthusiast.  This is a position where domain knowledge matters.

 * OK with occasional travel to Truckee, CA (potentially up to several days a month, generally less).  Although the position is remote, face time can be important for collaboration.

 * Familiarity with some portion of our stack (Java for the website backend and Android app, Swift for iOS, Javascript and JQuery along with a growing sprinkling of React and TypeScript on the front end, and Python / PostGIS / GDAL / Mapnik for map rendering).

While applicant dependent, a likely distribution of work is going to be that one developer will focus more on the Python stack and new map layer development, with the other developer working on the site and app.  We are open to all experience levels, but there's a preference for more junior candidates (0-5ish years), as our current development team of 2 is fairly senior, and less-experienced candidates would help even out the mix.

Benefits include health insurance (coming soon, thus the California residency requirement), generous PTO, not having to commute to work, and of course the opportunity to work on an amazing product that's widely used in the outdoor and first response communities.  How would you like to build the next revision to MapBuilder or add the next killer feature to the app?  CalTopo has big plans, come help us realize them.

For more information or to apply, email mjacobs@caltopo.com.

This could be your new office...


  1. So if I quit my job today and took up a boot camp what would I need my focus to be ?I use your website all the time and have been following you and think I understand you're current transition.

    1. That's a difficult question to answer, since we are more focused on general programming abilities than specific languages / skills, which is implied by the question about focus. The closest answer would probably be to "focus" on full-stack web development.

  2. Is there a particular requirement for applying? I have no programming experience except a college course of computer applications many years ago in SQL and HTML, with mild experience on linux/unix systems. I don't even remember half the information from that course but I've always been interested in going back to learn.

  3. Can't help full-time right now unfortunately, but would love to contribute to any open source that you have! https://github.com/rvillanueva

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