Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hiring For "Everything But Development"

Update: thank you for all the interest, the position has been filled.

The time has come for me to offload a number of non-technical tasks; I don't know what the right job description is, so for now let's call it "Everything But Development".  This a remote position - work from home, your van, or wherever.

The baseline job requirement is customer support, both handling support requests and improving CalTopo's documentation.  At the moment this only adds up to a few hours a day, so ideally you will also take on some combination of marketing (everything from market research to wording on the upgrade page), business development (licensing map data for use in CalTopo, exploring integrations with other services) and product management (helping to shape the product roadmap).

The following are not required but are considered pluses:

  • A CalTopo user with in-depth knowledge of the site and the ability to answer advanced questions without significant on the job training.
  • California, Washington, or Colorado residency.  As a remote employee, CalTopo LLC will have a business presence in your home state.  Some states are easier to work with than others, but CalTopo is already registered in CA, WA and CO.
  • A part-time presence in Truckee, CA.  This is skillset dependent; customer support can be done from anywhere, while product management would require more frequent in-person collaboration.
  • First response experience, particularly in the backcountry (SAR, Fire, NPS, etc).  This is is an important and growing customer base for CalTopo, and as with the recreational side, domain knowledge matters.

I realize this is asking for a diverse skill set, and that anyone with significant specialized experience is not going to be excited about adding customer support back into their job description.  However, in return you get no commute, generous vacation and the ability to work on a product you use regularly.  I'm open to a range of experience levels, including an entry-level support role without the collateral duties, so if you're uncertain whether you'd be a good fit, feel free to reach out.

One hard requirement is that you must be able to pass a background check.  Customer support requires access to to CalTopo and SARTopo user data, which includes law enforcement sensitive information on missing person's cases.

For more information or to apply, email mjacobs@caltopo.com.


  1. Truly awesome. Thanks !

    What are the costs you allude to though ? The Copernicus data is free to all, according to their site.

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