Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Come Work For CalTopo

CalTopo is growing!  I'm looking for a contract graphic artist and a full-time UI developer.  Come work on a product you actually use, in a job with significant flexibility.  For more information, email mjacobs@caltopo.com.

This could be your office (deck not included in job offer, applicant to supply their own)

Graphic Artist

I'm looking for a graphic artist to take on a contract project revising and expanding the current icon symbol set.  If things go well there's potential followup work (UI icons, MapBuilder symbology, general UI design), but nowhere near enough to add up to a regular job.

I'm also looking for assistance creating a logo, whether that's the same designer described above or a specialized professional.

UI Developer

The baseline for this full-time remote position is a competent developer with a solid web UI skillset, able to be turned loose on projects with minimal supervision.  Preferably, you can also take on UI and interaction design, coordinating with a graphic designer on the visual pieces as necessary.  Ideally, you can tackle the entire UI development cycle from graphic design through development.

The following are not required but are considered pluses:

  • A CalTopo user or outdoor enthusiast.  This is a position where domain knowledge matters.
  • California or Washington residency.  As a full time remote employee, CalTopo LLC will have a business presence in your home state.  Some states are easier to work with than others, but CalTopo is already registered with CA and WA.
  • OK with occasional travel to Truckee, CA (potentially up to several days a month, generally less).  Although the position is remote, face time can be important for collaboration, particularly at the beginning of a design.
  • First response experience, particularly in the backcountry (SAR, fire, ranger, etc).  This is an important and growing customer base for CalTopo, and as with the recreational side, domain knowledge is useful.
  • Mobile development experience. 


  1. This makes me almost wish I was unhappy with my job. I would love to work on Caltopo. Good luck with the search!

  2. Wow, Matt! Wish I wasn't so old....:-)) I would LOVE to be part of this.... Best of luck!!

  3. If this job has not been filled I would love to assist you in this. I am a graphic designer and have created many icons including new ones for our team to use with sartopo. I am self employed and could easily help off and on as needed. Here is my personal email. marcus.promark@gmail.com

  4. I'd would love to contribute to this product. I'm a geospatial developer - though I would not be able to help full time, I'd be interested in any opportunities as they arise.


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