Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Announcing Team Accounts

Team accounts are a new feature designed to both improve data sharing within an organization, and allow organizations to buy a single subscription covering all their members.

Maps can be saved to either an individual's account or the team account, and both sets of data are rolled together in a user's account dialog.  Because the "your maps" table is sorted chronologically, new work saved to the team account will automatically bubble up and be visible to other team members:

Icons and custom map layers saved to the team account will automatically be visible to all team members as well; if you regularly use specialized icons or custom layers, this is also a great way to push them out to team members - no more emailing around GPX files with the latest copy of your team's customizations.

Team accounts come with a dual pricing scheme - $500/yr for organizations consisting primarily of unpaid volunteers, and $2000/yr for organizations primarily made up of paid professionals.  Both versions cover organizations up to 100 people; for larger organizations, please email  If there is interest, I may be able to add a cheaper small-business option for companies with only a handful of employees.

Beyond data sharing and customization, this price includes pro-level features for all team members, and a site license for offline use covering both team computers and personal computers owned by team members.

To sign up for a team account, go to or  For more information see the knowledge base article on team accounts. 

Individual accounts remain unchanged.

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