Friday, April 1, 2016

New Zealand Topo Coverage

One of the advantages of shifting to a paid, commercial model is that it gives you cash to spend on things.  In one my first expenditures beyond CalTopo's regular operating costs, I've acquired a copy of's tile set, expanding scanned topo coverage to New Zealand.

As with coverage for Canada, none of the elevation based layers - shaded relief, slope angle shading, etc - work in New Zealand.  You're limited to the government produced topo layer, although the small / interactive profile will still work as it uses Google's elevation data.

As with Canada, these maps have been seamlessly integrated with the "USGS 7.5' Topos" layer; there isn't a separate NZ-specific option.  No comment as to when or if CalTopo might expand to other countries, although it certainly helps if there are ready-to-go tilesets, rather than me having to stitch together innumerable PDF scans.


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