Thursday, June 19, 2014

Revised Marker Icons

In keeping with the recent line style update, I've made some changes to marker icons.  While a few icons have been added, the focus was adding colorability and rotatability, and laying the groundwork to add additional icons at a later date.

Instead of showing all possible icons, the marker dialog now shows the icon's style, and optionally its color and orientation.  Click on the style swatch to bring up a full-screen dialog similar to the line style dialog:

Mostly this is a retread of the previous set of icons.  A few wildland fire icons have been added, along with a letter-in-circle option.  However unlike the previous all-in-one dialog, this one has room to grow.

The color and orientation sections are selectively enabled for icon styles that support them.  Currently color is supported for all the circle and arrow icons, and rotation is supported for arrows and the wildland fire line breaks.  Click on the color swatch to bring up a color picker, just like with lines and polygons.

For icon styles that support rotation, you can set the orientation by entering a number of degrees, or by clicking on the axes overlaid with a directional arrow.


  1. Great addition! The ability to add a letter or number within a marker circle is very helpful. A suggested added feature: the ability to add two characters within a marker circle so that a user could display more than just 9 numbered marker circles on a map. For example, if you have a list of 27 sites and want to show them on a map with numbered circles you could do so if you could enter two digits into a marker circle.

    1. I'd also like to be able to use 2 characters inside the circle. Any thoughts on making this happen?
      Thanks for a great site!

    2. This has come up for some SAR related items as well. I added the ability to have 2 letters inside the circle, but in order to fit them it shrinks the text size rather than stretching the circle horizontally (which is more complicated).