Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cursor Elevation

CalTopo can now show the current cursor or center elevation under the coordinates at the top right (continental US only).  At least until I get any performance issues worked out, this is off by default - but you only have to turn it on once, as the choice is saved in a browser cookie.

Previously, you could hide the coordinate display at the top right by clicking on it.  This made it hard to copy coordinates, since selecting them with the cursor would also hide them.  I've removed this feature, and replaced it with a checkbox in the leftbar next to "Show Cursor/Center position":

Beneath that is a new option - "Include Elevation".  Check the box and the current elevation will automatically appear beneath the coordinates:

Elevation data is only retrieved after all the map tiles have finished loading, so when changing zoom or moving to a new location, there may be a short delay before it starts working again.

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